EPDM Rubber Flooring


General Features

EPDM Rubber Flooring/ EPDM Wet Poured Rubber On Side:

It is an EPDM rubber floor covering that is granulated and applied with 1st class components made of rubber trees.

Advantages of EPDM tile rubber floor coverings; It is odorless and can be used easily indoors. It is shock-absorbent, easy installation, no puddle occurs, ease of maintenance, protects against slipping, environmentally friendly product.

  • It is an aesthetic, stylish and eye-pleasing product.

  • It is a durable product besides its stylish appearance.

  • Color options are many.

  • Desired pattern work can be done on the floor.

  • Epdm granules contain the same color not only on their upper surfaces but also in their internal structures, as they are dyed in paste form.

  • There is no loss of color with wear.

  • Resistant to UV rays.

  • It is a healthy product that does not produce bacteria.

  • Due to its monolithic structure, its cleaning is practical and easy.

  • Thanks to its porous structure, it does not hold water on it and allows activities after rain.

  • It is a protective product that has shock absorbing feature and prevents injuries due to falling.

  • It is more flexible and softer than modular rubbers.

  • All work is carried out in the application area. Depending on the floor, it is applied with a Finisher or by hand.

  • The application to be made is a work of mastery.

Product Size :


40 * 40 2.5–3–4
50 * 50 2.5–3–4
100 * 100 2.5–3–4
100 * 200 2.5–3–4
100 * 300 2.5–3–4

EPDM Rubber Floor Color Chart


1- After the EPDM Cast Rubber flooring concrete floor is properly cleaned, the application phase begins. A coat of primer (primer) is applied to the cleaned surface. This application ensures that the concrete floor and the sbr rubber product, which is thrown in the upper layer, are tightly connected to each other.

2- After the primer (primer) application, SBR rubber granules and polyurethane BINDER are mixed in the appropriate ratio by means of the mixer. This mixture is laid on the primer (primer) application at the desired thickness. The curing time of this application is 12 hours on average.

3- A mixture of EPDM and Polyurethane BINDER, which is mixed in the mixer, is applied on the SBR rubber granule, which is thrown in the desired thickness. This application is made in desired colors and patterns. The imagined and designed floor becomes reality.

Titiz Kauçuk Zemin Kaplama            Titiz Kauçuk Zemin Kaplama             Titiz Kauçuk Zemin Kaplama

Usage Areas:

  • Indoor gym floors

  • Outdoor sports floors

  • On tartan track floors

  • Walking routes

  • Children’s playgrounds

  • Fitness areas

  • Horse paddocks

  • Feeding farms

  • Bike lanes

  • Skating areas

  • It is used in recreation areas.

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