Acoustic Rubber

General Features

Acoustic Rubber:

ACLEX is the product line of Suha Sport especially developed based on mandatery needs for impact sound isolation and vibration isolation.We have been receiving important feedbacks and demands from our business partners and customers to have significant isolation requirements That is the reason We created isolation and vibration rubbers. An effective impact and footfall sound reduction helps improving quality of life in many fields, an efficient vibration isolation provides living comfort and significant good working atmosphere. In order to submit under the brand name ACLEX  our partners and customers find a very important  range of our products for acoustic insulation as well as for vibration deadening for different requirements and application areas in today’s World

Aclexis produced by mixing the recycled SBR rubber granules with polymer binders in special mixers and compressing them under high pressure. The cylindrical material obtained is cut to the desired thickness and length.

Product Specification:

Color : Black

Thickness : 2-10 mm (± 1-2%)

Width : 1200 mm (± 1-2%)

Length : Optional (Adjusted according to the area size.)

Density: 850 – 1250 kg/m³

Hardness : 55-75 Shore A

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