Pavement Rubber Tile

General Features

Pavement Rubber Tile / T Bone Rubber Tile:


Suha Sport Company produce and supply a range of rubber crumb pavers for use in wide variety of applications. These highly versatile pavers provide good impact absorption properties as well as an anti-slip finish. Suha Pavers® provide a safer and more attractive alternative to standard concrete pavers. We supply this product 510mm x 540mm tiles, in thicknesses of either 20mm or 40mm.We innovated new pattern and shape Which allows your teams to make installation easily. Please get more information from our teammates

Unlike other rubber tiles, our rubber crumb pavers feature the same “H” shape which is commonly found in stone and concrete paving. The unique shape provides a simple way to give your driveway or outdoor area an attractive paved look. Our Suha Pavers® are fast and easy to install onto any hard surface. Each tile features integral channel which runs along the bottom of the pavers, which allows for quick and effective drainage.

A key feature which separates our product from standard concrete pavers is the Suha Pavers® impact absorbing properties. The SBR compound we use is solid enough to provide a stable and secure walking surface while being able to compress slightly while under pressure. This gives you all of the functionality of regular concrete and stone pavers with the additional safety that rubber features.

It is a protective and healthy product that has shock-absorbing features and prevents injuries due to falling.

Thanks to its flexible structure, it prevents premature fatigue of the muscles and prolongs activity time.

Thanks to its porous structure, it does not hold water on it and allows activities after rain.

Thanks to its modular (in parts) structure, it allows the repair of damaged products quickly and easily. Only the damaged products are replaced, and the damage is eliminated with the least cost.

 Usage Areas:
  •  School and nursery areas
  •  Children’s playgrounds
  •  Sports fields (Basketball, volleyball and football fields)
  •  Running and walking paths
  •  Animal mats
  •  Shooting ranges
  •  Inside and under the  horse stalls
  •  Fitness areas

510 X 540mm


20 /25 /30 / 40mm

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