Cow Mat

General Features

Cow Mat:


More animals like cows welfare & less work Consistently high milk yield requires animal-friendly housing methods. That also provides leg, joints and breats health according to the lying areas, this means comfortable, non-slip and clean cubicles in which the cows like to spend more than half the day in a relaxed positions in their shelters. That protects the joints, relieves the claws and thus increases animal welfare and even their happiness level. The Cow comfort for more animals welfare! Milk can only be received economically with cows that are healthy and comfortable. The cows naturally are soft soil walkers and therefore need soft floor conditions in the area. We (Suha Sport) focus on animal’s health and comfort and thus the productivity of your animals, in addition to animal welfare. Cows and similar animals are supposed to have animal-friendly lying and walking areas are the prerequisite for high milk yield and longevity!


1000 * 1000 * 10mm – 20 mm – 25 mm – 30 mm

1000 * 2000 * 15mm – 20 mm – 25 mm – 30 mm

1000 * 3000 * 20 mm – 25 mm –30 mm

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