General Features

Tatami Mat (Eva Floor Covering):
  • Tatmi cushions are multi-purpose floor coverings in the form of puzzle squares, made of special foam rubber as sports and game cushions.

  • The jigsaw puzzle design allows the cushions to interlock tightly and be easily disassembled and moved from one hall to another when necessary.

  • The density of the foam rubber is capable of absorbing the impacts and shocks that occur in falls and crashes.

  • Tatami cushions are easy to clean and can be washed with soap and water.

  • It provides heat insulation.

  • Electric proof.

  • Provides sound insulation.

  • Resistant to abrasion.

  • It has anti-slip feature.

  • Does not absorb water and does not contain odor.

Tatami Cushion – Usage Areas of Eva Floor Covering


  • Children’s playrooms,

  • Indoor game rooms and halls,

  • In kindergartens, kindergartens and crèches,

  • Far East sports centers,

  • In indoor gyms,

  • Physical rehabilitation centers,

  • In fitness and health clubs, (Step, Aerobics and Gymnasiums)

  • On balconies and terraces

Tatami Cushion ( Eva Floor) Dimensions


Product Dimensions
Width / Length = 50 cm * 50 cm and 100 cm * 100 cm
 Thickness = 13 mm – 26 mm
Blue – Red – Yellow – Green – Orange – Turquoise – Black – Gray – Purple – Pink
Eva Floor, which is used in different colors and patterns, is also called Tatami floor. Eva Floor is protective in case of crashes and falls. It is a very useful floor and wall covering material.

Tatami Minder Ölçüleri Tatami Minder Ölçüleri
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