Horse Mat

General Features

Horse Mat:

Horse stable mats are used for equestrian stalls, paddocks and walking areas in the shelters.Suha Sport products are totaly animal friendly and usefull products That has slip resistance. With UV and ozone protection mats, protects the musculoskeletal system of the horses.

Laying area mats:

It provides high comfort and prosperity as a rubber flooring material suitable for floors of the animal shelters. The horse bed provides sufficient ground softness, it is always recommended to apply a small amount of fine chopped handle to remove moisture from it. Thus; The use of sawdust as litter is reduced. provides savings. As the amount of bedding material decreases, the dust in the air decreases. Suha Sport rubber pads do not allow the growth and formation of bacteria and provide good hygiene.

Bed lying mats can be applied quickly and easily in sheets. Warranty period of all horse beds and floors is 2 years, and quite long service life .


1000 * 1000 * 10mm – 20 mm – 25 mm – 30 mm

1000 * 2000 * 15mm – 20 mm – 25 mm – 30 mm

1000 * 3000 * 20 mm – 25 mm –30 mm

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