Shooting Range Rubber

General Features

Shooting Rubber:

Suha Sport was founded on a manufacturing process for the newest ideas We developed and improved for ballistic rubber. Suha-Bloc™ and Suha-Panel™, as they are known, are formulated from recycled rubber and our exclusive binding composition.  Due to this, these products are chosen internationally more often than any other for their ballistic properties and durability.

Since Suha Sport ballistic rubber has been tested and approved for its capabilities and performance by third parties and World medal rewarded champions

Suha Sport ballistic rubber products have unique and most appropirate designs and  have set the standard for range safety, sustainability and durability.

Low Cost Of Ownership:

Shooting Ranges require a high level of maintenance to ensure ballistic integrity and safety. In order to use Suha-Panel products is a great deal for low maintenance option for your wall and ceiling coverings. Suha Shooti

ng range products are  designed to stop and capture rounds, virtually eliminating any ricochet, back splatter or re-direct. This design not only prevents rounds from bouncing around down range, but also saves on ventilation costs by reducing airborne dust particles.

***Ballistic rubbers alone is not designed to stop or defeat rounds and must be used with appropriate steel plate backing for the best results




50 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm 

Enhanced rubber composite blo

ck designed to encapsulate ammunition up to 7.62 caliber. Self-healing properties seal the bullet’s path after the round has penetrated the surface so each bullet is encapsulated inside the ballistic rubber block. The Suha-Bloc is a replacement item for the Encapsulator Bullet Trap System.

Ballistic rubber alone is not designed to stop or defeat rounds and must be used with appropriate armor steel plate backing



Suha Sport  Suha-Panel™ rubber composite product minimizes the hazards of ricochet and splatter, reduces airborne lead contaminants, and offers ballistic capabilities no other material can match. This product is the cornerstone of Suha Sport Encapsulator™ bullet containment systems, shoot houses, baffle systems and tactical ranges. It is also the only rubber product that has been independently tested for its ballistic performance.It has very high success as a kind of ballistic rubber as well in the whole system


500 mm x 500 mm x 50 mm

Weight 40 kg per/sqm

 Physical properties shown are approximate and may vary. Suha-Panel™ ballistic rubber alone does not stop or defeat the round and must be used with appropriate backing. 

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