Puzzle Rubber Tile

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General Features

Puzzle Rubber Tile:

General Properties of Puzzle Rubber

It looks aesthetic and stylish.

It has an interlocking structure. With this feature, it allows the products to hold more tightly to each other and the ground.

It ensures the easiest alignment in practice by combining puzzle pieces.

It is a practical and easy product to apply.

It is a protective and healthy product that has shock absorbing properties and prevents injuries due to falls.

Thanks to its flexible structure, it prevents premature muscle fatigue and extends activity time.

Thanks to its porous structure, it does not retain water and allows activities after rain.

Thanks to its modular (in parts) structure, it allows quick and easy repair of damaged products. By replacing only damaged products, the damage is repaired at the least cost.

Usage Areas:

children’s playgrounds

School and nursery areas

Running and walking paths

Sports fields (Basketball, volleyball and football fields)RUBBER DIMENSIONS.


400 X 400mm



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