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We are a company that produces and exports , Our company is established in 2014,started its commercial activities by manufacturing rubber floor. It sells to public, private sector and export fields. Our company, which started production in the chemical sector as well, also owned a factory manufacturing for park equipment in 2016 B2B Park/Kidszone. Exporting to 3 continents and 25 countries in the last 5 years has contributed to the national economy.

We provide service to all major cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Ankara, Adana, Trabzon, as well as to whole Turkey, even Europe and Asia.

After cleaning the smooth and smooth surface, double component rubber glue is laid on the floor and rubber is applied on it. Curing (rubber and ground bonding) is achieved within 8 hours. After curing, it is almost impossible to separate from the ground.

It is essential that the ground is not smooth and moist. The application is carried out by controlling the weather conditions and controlling the ground.

It is essential to have a concrete floor in order to make rubber flooring. The smoothness of the concrete floor extends the life of the rubber floor covering.

Under normal conditions, a concrete floor is required for the construction of the rubber floor. However, rubber tiles can be placed on the soil floor by sprinkling. In this placement, the rubbers can move and even move, so it is not a guaranteed application.

Provided that the concrete is smooth on sloping areas, there is no objection to the application. Making modular rubber (Rubber Tile, Hexagonal Rubber, Interlocking Rubber, Jigsaw Rubber etc.) on knurled areas does not allow us to obtain the desired healthy floor. Applying cast rubber instead will allow us to obtain a much healthier and more beautiful floor.

You can call our Support line at +90 549 726 14 80 or send an e-mail to info@suhasport.com . You can get information on any subject that comes to your mind.

Rubber Flooring Application requires mastery. But its repair is very practical. For example, you can replace a damaged product in 40×40 size and replace the product with the same size and replace the problematic product immediately.

It can be applied indoors. However, the area to be applied must be ventilated or a ventilated area.
It is very common practice in gyms. It is a product that protects the health of athletes. It eliminates the pain that may occur in the lower leg muscles and wrists while doing sports. It increases the athlete’s time to do sports.

When applying in gyms, it can be applied without glue, depending on the customer’s request and the condition of the floor.

It has been tested with tests that it has shock and sound dampening properties due to its porous and flexible structure. It absorbs high decibel sounds based on impact and draws them to very low decibels.

It does not require any extra effort for cleaning. It is cleaned practically with water and a mop.

There are two types of rubber, natural and artificial.
1.Natural Rubber is manufactured from rubber tree
2.Artificial Rubber is produced with various chemicals.

You can use it comfortably by the poolside. Due to the porous structure of the rubber, it does not hold water and does not become slippery when wet.

It complies with the criteria set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Rubber substance is present in all areas of our lives. For example: baby pacifier, shoes, gloves etc.

The reason why rubber flooring is preferred in children’s playgrounds is that it does not contain bacteria and microbes. It is a product that allows children to play in the parks without getting dirty in the rain and snow.
If the playground floor is soil and sand, bacteria and microbes in the open air cannot get out by settling on the soil and sand floor. Especially since the animals make their feces on the sand floor and hide them in the sand, it becomes a bed of germs. A solution to this situation has not yet been found. For this reason, it is much healthier than all other floors.

It is a green and 100% recycled product. It is produced as a result of breaking car tires in crushing machines by removing wire, dirt and other substances.

The average lifespan is 15-20 years. It varies depending on the conditions of use and the intensity of use.


If you have any question please feel free to contact us our assistant will help you to get the answer which you are looking for.

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